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"BUSY!" or "Animation, Illustration and Comics...oh MY!"

Since Lisa has been out of town on her yearly trip to Costa Rica I have been very busy...which is good. The house is a bit lonely. I am used to working by myself during the day...but I keep waiting to hear her come home in the evening. I am glad I've got Beowulf here.

Tomorrow is the premiere of the movie I did the animation for...should be an interesting experience sitting in the theater and watching the completed movie...and wondering how the reaction to my animation will go. One of my missionary comps is flying to SF for a quick visit so she's coming to the premiere with me. Will be nice to have a friend in the audience.

I've been working on a bunch of comics for the next issue of Sunstone. It looks like it's a regular feature now to have 5 or 6 pages of a Book of Mormon comic. The editor writes them and emails me little stick figures in boxes and I transform them.

I showed some of them to my friend Bryce and he quipped, "I see you've been using your newfangled storyboard skills." Yes...yes I have. I'm seeing lightyears of differences in the way I approach storyboarding and comics now vs where I was at even 6 months ago.

Traveling to the Land of Nephi
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