Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Storyboarding" or "Putting it Together"

Today was the 7th of 8 storyboarding classes/workshops I signed up for back in January. Unlike past classes where we went through the nitty gritties of layout and composition and perpective and camera angles and hookups...we got into the nuts and bolts of putting a portfolio together.

This has been something that I've struggled with, silly and obvious as it sounds. I know how to put an animation reel together but I had no real idea on how to present a storyboard portfolio. Having my questions answered and seeing the portfolio examples he brought in have really inspired me.
I'm still in the process of *creating content* for one...but now I don't feel like I'll be floundering on figuring out how to PRESENT one.

It was nice too, at the end of class when after answering a few of my other questions he said that he'd be happy to critique my portfolio when it's all done and put together. "It's good getting a fresh pair of eyes looking at it to know what pages to pull and what else you might need to add."

He did tell me he'd like to see some FINISHED boards... most of mine have been exceedingly quick thumbnails just because I've been working hard on the animation for the indy flick. I figure when that is DONE (another 3-4 more weeks, YIKES!) I'll be able to concentrate solely on getting my sequences finished up and presentable.

If you'd like to see what I've BEEN working on, please take a gander at:
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