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"Sitting in Oakland" or "Thoughts on being a lemming"

Currently sitting in the Oakland airport.

Lisa and I are flying to Seattle to visit Mark for his 40th birthday. (Happy birthday Mark!) I haven't been to Seattle for a number of years...pretty much since I moved away (which was dumb.)

Right now we're SUPPOSED to be approaching but we missed our flight. Lisa couldn't get away on time from school and all those little things that "don't take too much time" compounded. We missed the flight by the skin of our teeth, leaving me to seethe at the "Security Theater" which requires me to take off my SANDALS, pull out both my laptop AND my Cintiq which I had carefully packed, deal with a guy who insisted on scanning an empty water bottle...all of which just made me more irrate.

On the plus side, there's free internet access which, as I think about it, is the least they can do for people after rooting through their items and treating them like criminals. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I understand the need for SECURITY...but like nearly every government program I can think's completely ineffecient and designed more for SHOW than efficacy.

As horrible as it was, the ploy used by the jihadists on Sepember 11th was a one trick wonder. No plane will EVER allow itself to be taken over by a bunch of thugs with box cutters. Anyone ever acting weird is going to be subdued by the entire frakking plane and duct taped to their seat.

So, we're off to Seattle like I said for Mark's 40th. I remember my dad's 40th birthday in North Carolina. We teased him for being "old." (I was 7, going on 8 that year.)
I'm also aware of the clock ticking for myself. All of kids are 2 years apart so we've been like a bunch of lemmings.
Mark gets baptized...bambambambambam we follow him. Mark starts Jr. High...bambambambambam. Mark starts high school...bambambambambam, Mark turns 20, 40. That means we're all next and it happens fast!

I have to pause and think when people ask me how old I am. How is it I have a sibling who is now 40?
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