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"Great Quote" or "Political Ponderings."

"You can not reason a man out of a position that he wasn't reasoned into in the first place."- Jonathon Swift
Tags: politics

  • "Ya vote!" or "Hey Arnold! TBHTTTTTT!"

    Just voted (yes again.) The six propositions came down to this. "Please send Sacramento more $!!!" with the requisite trotting out of children,…

  • Writer's Block: Big Debates

    I think the government funds entirely too many things already that should be funded by the private sector. Generally if the question is "Should…

  • "Ya Vote'" or "Here we go again!"

    Ye gods 4 years goes by faster and faster! I got my absentee ballot filled out last week but never got it in the mail so today I trotted down to my…

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