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"Daily Doodle" or "Storyboard Assgn: #1"

I started taking a storyboarding workshop that meets every other Saturday. Last Saturday was the first one and he gave out a little assignment. Get a character from Civic Center BART center to Maverix Studios (where the classes are being held.) Beyond that, it's pretty open. He didn't want to see pretty polished boards...nice and rough, quick but dynamic.

I've decided every night this week to devote 2 to 3 hours to the assignment and hopefully by Saturday I will have a good sequence. Keep in mind these aren't remotel timed out. Also...the paper that the mean guy is showing is/will be an exact copy of the wanted flier the first guy has. It's a race to the studio! Keep in mind it's extremely rough and isn't even remotely timed out properly.

Race to Maverix
So that's tonight's Daily evolving board sequence. Enjoy!
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