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The problem with being sick... that you're too sick to enjoy it.

I mean,because I'm sick I don't have to work today.

I'm making chicken noodle soup and I'm freshly showered and flopped on my oh so comfy futon watching Fellowship of the Ring on my laptop. My apartment is all tidied up and should smell good. (I expect. I can't smell anything.) My cat is sitting contentedly kneading my feet. I am doped up on Nyquil.

It should be a pretty little picture... except my head won't stop throbbing, my nose won't quit running, I can't SMELL and I ache like I have been out waterskiing all day. (I haven't.)

I would like to take this moment to say WHEH!

Work was fairly understanding though. I mean, who wants me around food?
"Would you like butter on that?" "ACHOOO!!!!" "How `bout my snot?"

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