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"A small report" or "Some mild rambling"

It's actually been a relatively quiet and restful day...generally the kinds of days I prefer my Sunday's to be. Wulfie is cuddled up purring his loud grumbly purr...Lisa is typing on Facebook with an occassional cough, the heater and the dog are at the foot of the bed and I am lying here typing this journal entry. Life is pretty good.

I've been mindful of my blessings today...that I have work, that I am busy, that I am loved, that I have a comfortable and happy home, that I have been making it to the gym and getting that oh so incredibly important endorphin rush...so far it's been a pretty great year. I hear all of this Doom and Gloom (tm) and I have absolutely NO confidence in the government to improve things...mostly because I don't think they can't keep their fingers out of things...but as I told Lisa, I'm sitting the recession out. It's my year...good things are happening. 2004 I decided was my year and it really was...5 years later, 2009 is also my year.

I've been busy with the Lola animation and it's nice to have the Daily Doodle to do in the evenings. I look forward to it and I think it's really stretching me artistically. I also started going to a storyboard workshop and it's great to get out and network. This time around the guy running it is actually giving out assignments which is great. Sometimes you need the parameters for a project. The worst thing I think somebody can tell an artist is "Oh, just do anything."

The group meets on Saturdays every 2 weeks so I should have plenty of time to do my assignment. He wants a storyboard sequence from the BART civic center to where the class is held. Beyond that, it's pretty open...you can make it real, or fantasy or whatever story you want to tell. I've already got ideas buzzing in my brain and doodled out a few tonight while attending church with Lisa.

I have a *very* busy week ahead of me. I'd like to get the Lola animation done by next Sunday and I still have 4 more pages to do on the Book of Mormon Alma comic. That's been kicking my butt but I really love how it's coming out. I haven't been so proud of something in a long time.


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