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Friday night rambles...


So I had my extra life drawing session on Tuesday and while I loved it, I am equally horrified with where I am at. I seem to have lost my sense of proportion and lyricism, but I can only get better, right?

Unfortunately my instructed class got cancelled due to lack of interest. Not enough people had signed up for it so I'm a little disappointed. She said this was the first time that had happened so hopefully next month I'll try it again.
She DID tell me about a sculpting class that I've decided to take. There are 3 instructors, one handles the drawing aspect, one handles the anatomy and the other handles the sculpting. It runs 5 Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:30 PM so it's pretty intensive. It will be really good for me...a crash couse in a lot of things and hey, when it's over I get my own little statue of a naked person. Who could ask for anything more?

I saw The Animation Show twice this week. It was wonderfully funny and it only got funnier. Some of my coworkers went with me this week and one of them told me his stomach was sore the next day from laughing. I am glad to have helped broadened their horizons.
More importantly for me, it was really inspiriring and I've been doing a lot of drawing this week. I was talking to my friend BJ and we had a really good chat about where we are both at, where we both want to be etc. He was really encouraging and seems genuinely thrilled I'm getting `back into the game,' so to speak. I have really missed him. I used to talk to him once or twice a week once we graduated but we hadn't had a really good chat since April.

Work has been kind of grueling this last week. I do not enjoy having to get up at 5:00 in the morning. Got hit with a cold last night...seriously, I've been fine and within 5 minutes I could feel it coming on. Just, BAM. So I was sick as a dog today at work and we were understaffed so I couldn't send myself home until I got somebody to replace me.
It's an interesting problem I hadn't really thought about. The higher up you get up the ladder, the harder it is to have somebody take your spot in a pinch. Boo hiss.

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