Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Daily Doodle" or "Light a single candle...or heck, light a LOT!"

This morning BJ came up with the theme for today's Daily Doodle which was "Candle." I liked the thought of having a few illuminate a very dark room and then thought a cave would be really cool. I'm a little "eh" with the execution...more time would have been nice but I've had to shorten my "Doodle" time. Something like this to do the justice I would like would have taken all day.

This cave makes me want to dress as a BAT!
For those of you keeping track or who would like to participate, tomorrow is Greek Myth, Wednesday is the weekly wild and Thursday a new doodler has proposed the theme "Shakespeare." It's gonna be a good week!

What do you think sirs?
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