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"101/1001" or "Plotting my Life

A relatively busy day. I woke up at 7:00 and spent the grand majority of the rest of the day laboriously coloring the first stair sequence from my animation project. I thought it would go faster than it did and find myself somewhat dismayed at how long it's taking. It's looking good though so hooray for that.

I've been thinking about the 101/1001 challenge. The idea is to do 101 goals in 1001 days...roughly two and a half years. This gives you time to plan things more long term rather than trying to make New Years resolutions and cram stuff in from 01 January to 01 January. The 1001 days does however give you a deadline to work towards.

So I've been thinking about goals...big ones, small ones. Personal, physical, financial spiritual... I started jotting them down this evening. I'm nowhere near 101 goals yet but I think I might be able to get there in a few days. Then I need to plot them out...when I want to hit them and how to go about them.

Stay tuned. I think I might let LJ in.

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