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Woo hoo!

Off to see "The Animation Show" at the Tower. I'm very excited. It's the answer to the Spike and Mike Animation Festival... which for the longest time was the only game in town. I've been calling a few of my coworkers and some of my friends to drag them along with me. I don't mind seeing movies by myself, but I think it's kind of my duty to expose others to the wonderful world of independent animation, plus I want this show to be a success and the more I can put in the theater...well, more power to me!
I guess what I find ...I dunno, interesting, sad, was that in 2002 I was struck upon with the same idea, to do another complilation of animation and travel it around. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Oh well.

I enjoyed General Conference very much today. Can't wait for the transcripts so I can pore over them a little bit. There are some things that I guess I took to be...hard, but then we all know what the scriptures say `bout that. Sigh. Repent! Repent!

To which I say, "Workin' on it! Workin' on it!"

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