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Not an ordinary day.

I think today was eventful though I should probably let Beowulf tell the story:

"234547823hgsdhgjcv hgjhfa hgjjjjjjjjjjjjashgjdgfhdjsa"

I'm sure that was something profound in cat; in human it was "Wulfie! Get off the keyboard!!!"

Today was my mom's birthday and I had plans to go visit Farmington in the afternoon so I thought I would kill two birds and take Beowulf with me. It has been a week and a half since his surgery and time for his metal stitches to come out. I made the appointment and off we went.

They clipped them out and I pointed out an odd red rash he was getting to the side of the stitches around one of his lower nipples. The vet wondered if maybe Wulfie was licking around there etc, but we noticed all the mats and the vet mentioned he smelled ...well, like cat pee.

Yes...I said slowly, he does. He had an accident in his carrier on the way home from the last time, and while I had tried to clean him with a damp washcloth as best I could, I was also paranoid about having to repeatedly pick him up, try to wash him (without getting his stitches wet) and I did NOT want to stress his poor skin. Cats are notorious for having paperlike delicate skin and I could just invision picking up him and having his skin rip around his stitches. NO THANK YOU.

The vet (with my help) did some more clipping ...(some of his more tangled "yeeewwww" mats around his genitals) and told me in no uncertain terms this was a cat that needed a bath.

Hmmm. I have bathed many things...but I have yet to attempt a cat. I told the doctor so and got a pretty good idea of the best way to go about it. Cats vary but there are SOME universals.

I bought some cat shampoo and we were on our way.

I had gotten a call from the credit union wondering about my Suzuki so I thought after the vet and before my mom's house we would make a pit stop there.
I went in and asked about the person who had called and I was sent off to the Great and Mysterious Upstairs. This is where higher mucky mucks work, not just the tellers and loan people. I had never been up there and so found myself slightly apprehensive.

I found Arleen (the person who had called) and instantly felt a bit better. She was in a large comfy sweatshirt that said "Books and Cats" with a cartoon of a cat flopped on a book. There were also several pictures of cats, including a cat screensaver so I figured this person was going to at least START out my friend.
I sat down she immediately said, "Tell me about your Suzuki."
"Well, umm...." I said, "I'm not riding it. It's sitting under my parents deck. I've made two payments on it."
"Have you licensed it yet?" she asked.
At this I flushed. My initial plan was to sell it, though I HAD hoped to be able to ride around on it a little bit first. I hadn't done so for a lot of reasons and I figured perhaps I would license it in the spring.
"Uh, no." I said. "I haven't done that yet. Besides, you guys have the title right now..."
She interrupted me.
"Actually we don't."

I goggled at her.

"But...they said they would be sending you the title."
"Yes." she smiled grimly. "We had quite a row about that." (she said row! For real! And she's not British! I love this lady!" She actually hugely reminded me of xenologue's mom. Not quite the same frame, but the same delivery, same silver hair and definitely very soft where cats are concerned. I wondered if she made scones.
It turns out that West Valley Suzuki DID send out the title to Horizon Credit Union... in WASHINGTON! Ummm...freakin' WRONG credit union on SOOOO many levels! And now they are trying to get out of recovering and resending the title.
By this I am amused.
I am even more amused when she tells me she quoted Utah LAW to them saying that a dealership is responsible for sending the title etc on ALL motor vehicles (not just cars, folks!) and they were in severe violation. After all it had been over 2 months since I got the thing!

So, I get to call them tomorrow and bug them about where my title is.

I asked her what happens if they continue to be beligerant.

She smiled.

"We go after their bond. And we will."

After she said that Beowulf mewed slightly. I had him in his duffell carrier and it was sitting quietly on the chair next to me.

She fixed her eyes on it. "Is there a cat in there? For heaven's sake, let him out!"

I did and within 5 minutes everyone in the upstairs was up oooh and aaahing over my cat who (naturally) loved every minute of it.

(Arleen told me her grandcat was going to be on a cat food label in Australia. She showed me pictures her son in law had taken of him (he's a professional photographer) and they were gorgeous.)

We then went to my mom's house and she was delighted to see us both.
I had her open her present, (I have been SOOO excited about this.) and told her she would never guess what it was. She made a few guesses and then said wildly, "Oh, I know! Clove gum!" She laughed at her own joke, thinking how ridicilious and impossible that would be. I told her to open it.
20 packages of CLOVE GUM
20 packages of BLACKJACK GUM

I am very proud of myself for tracking those down. She told me that she had been down to one package of blackjack gum before. She was very delighted with her present. She loves both, and since they are both discontinued, she has been rationing out her last packages she got before they got pulled for the last 4 or 5 YEARS!
She opened up a package of clove gum and gave me a stick. It was very nice to have a piece of gum that wasn't brittle! Soft clove gum! What a concept!
I had spent much time trying to track down licorice gum and by some flukey things I had discovered for a brief time Blackjack and Clove gum had been reissued. Best website seems to be Hometown Favorites.

She showed me some of her other presents (a porcelain hand painted cat from Dorothy,) and told me about her day. It sounds like it was a good day, pretty much exactly what she wanted. She went to the temple in the morning, she ate at Chuck-a-Rama with some of her friends for the afternoon, did a few things by herself and now she was home with me and her grandcat visiting.

I told her what the vet had said and before I knew it, Wulfie was standing in the sink looking very resigned. I am amazed at how well he took a bath. He struggled for the first few minutes but when he realized he really was stuck, he really relaxed. There were points he was even laying down in the water, completely still. What a good boy! I was so envisioning me losing at least a half pint of blood and have my arms mangled to the point I couldn't sell plasma for a month!
I had put a very old towel in the bottom of the sink (didn't have a rubber mat,) and set him on it. I slowly started spooning water on him with my hand from the running tap in the other sink and eventually was able to just move the tap over. And it wasn't long after that I could use the sprayer on him. He struggled a bit for the first minute but again, once he got resigned to it, (and I'm sure he'd never admit it,) I think he actually liked it a bit.
Like Hershey, his favorite part seemed to be being wrapped up in towels and petted and massaged gently. Unlike Hershey he took a LONG time to dry but boy, does he look and smell a whole lot better! There ARE some crazy mats that I know I'm going to have to cut out now, (since being wet they have tightened up even more,) but he looks infinitely better. I think he seems happier too.

I brought out The Fellowship of the Ring, the Special Edition. I hadn't seen it in ages and while Mom had bought The Two Towers on DVD I know she hadn't seen Fellowship so we had a bit of a movie night. I knew mom would enjoy it and she did. There are a lot of gospel themes that can pop out if you let them.
Loyalty, Good vs Evil, the constant fleeing of evil, accepting callings, even when they seem impossible. It was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow is General Conference and I am excited to listen. I need some more oil in my lamp. Pbhttt. I need ANY oil in my lamp. I need to start taking care of my lamp...well, better than I have been.

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