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"Happy Thanksgiving" or "Where I'm At"

In a nutshell"

1. Thanksgiving:
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm still in California for this one...being in the puppet show precludes travel though I would have dearly loved to have been back home in Utah spending it with my family in my sister's new home. I'm particularly sad that I won't be able to see Lawrence and Annette before they leave for Japan for the next stint in pheonix_jade's military career.

Lisa's parents are up here though and it's been pleasant spending time with them the last few days. They came to our opening performance of Cinderella at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel last night and it was nice knowing I knew some people in an audience full of big wigs and mucky mucks.

2. Katrina:
I don't think I've mentioned this...I'm horrified when I realize how long it's been since I've posted...Lisa and I are fostering a dog. Her name is Katrina (we didn't name her) and she looks to be a part lab part pit bull mix. She's small...just under 50 lbs now and is this beautiful amber color.
She had been surrendered/abandoned at the shelter along with a companion dog. For reasons unknown to me, the companion dog was put down and the month she spent in the shelter she was a MESS. Completely unresponsive, she just waited at the door waiting for her people to come back.
When we met her she wouldn't even acknowledge us...she just whined at the door waiting for the person in charge of the rescue to come back with the paperwork. We were seriously worried how we'd get along but she seems to transfer ownership pretty well. By the time we were home she'd relaxed a bit...24 hours later was happy going on walks and a week later she was learning new tricks.
She is still an extremely shy dog but she *has* relaxed around strangers as long as her people are around. She's going to make someone a terrific and extremely loyal dog.

3. Cinderella:

Yes, the puppet show I was involved with earlier this year is back this time slightly tweaked for the Christmas season. We have spent the last month or so training two new puppeteers and Lisa has been learning the lighting which I understand has a steep learning's a complicated show!
Last night was our first "real" performance though we did have another "out of town" show at the garage of an autobody shop. The owner was a friend of Theo's and she was gracious enough to let us use her space as we worked the show.
It's really interesting the dynamic two new people make...I really have enjoyed working with them and they really are bringing something great to their puppet performances.
We'll have a lot more shows after this...on the weekends and the week of Christmas there will be a show ever day and I'm really looking forward to it.

4. Beowulf:

Since I've mentioned the dog I should mention the cat. He's fine...he was initially very wary of Katrina. She was a little aggressive towards him but we quickly kiboshed that behavior and let her be very aware that he outranks her. He's gotten used to her though being the mellow boy that he is.

5. I'm just about to finish The Fountainhead and while the climax is supposed to be the trial of Howard Rourke...the part that has stuck with me and scared me silly was Toohey's speech/confession to Peter Keating as to just what his motives have been and how he has played people. More on that later. Today's Thanksgiving.
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