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"View from my floor" or "Wulfie Shot"

I must be in a photo mood much as one CAN be with an iSight. Take a gander at my handsome cat. Haven't posted about him for a while. He's big and handsome and his summer clip job appears to have grown out nicely.

Cat on a cool wood floor

He's laying on some Red Sparrow comics. Of course.
I got done with a slew of client projects yesterday and am rewarding myself by dedicating myself to having a Red Sparrow day.

The chest in the back is a work in progress Lisa and I have been doing. I got the chest/ottoman dirt cheap a few years ago at a thrift shop. We stripped the hideous covering off the base and then tightly wrapped the entire base in sisal rope. A few staples held it in place before we glued everthing down nice and tight. Bascially it's one big cat scratcher. If I were going to do it over I would have gotten a length of dark brown colored rope and put that in to break up the color a bit.

I'm delighted with it though and it's what I keep most of my bookbinding supplies in.
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