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"Ten things" or "Small recap"

1. School started again for Lisa. She's going to have her hands full this year...what with science class with 37 students and one with 38 and math class with one class size numbering 28 and the other one being at 30.

2. I was never one of those kids who "got math." One of the happiest days of my life was when I pulled my ACT math score up to a 21...good enough that I didn't have to take any math in college! Woo hoo.
I have, as the years have passed, felt like I was not nearly as well rounded as I should be so this year I am "taking 6th grade pre algebra" along with the rest of Lisa's class. I've already done my first's an assessment mostly to see how much I remember. I remember that I dislike fractions but I think for the most part I remembered how to do them.

3. I had to go to the dentist today to have some cavities filled. They saaaay that getting the injections to numb appropriate areas in your jaw is the worst part and usually I scoff at that but today it completely knocked me flat...which means it was a good thing I was laying in the chair. For most of the procedure I felt like I was floating. It should have felt alarming but I was much to in the land of Laaaaaaa to feel pretty much anything at all.
I asked them later if they had put something else in the shot..."Boy, she seems really crabby. Let's give her some of THIS!" but they insisted they hadn't. I had to sit in the lobby for a while before I felt coherent enough to ride the bus home.

4. Worked on animation today. BJ challenged me to do a ball roll. It's been really fun flipping paper and though I still feel like I am drawing and animating really stiffly, it feels good to shake off the rust and do some high end animation again.

5. Flying panda squirrels are filling my sketchbook. The tricky part is figuring out the tail.

6. Today there is no #6.

7. Speaking of dentists I was informed a few days ago that to replace my missing back molar it was going to be FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Guess who has decided she can live without that tooth? ME. I can think of a lot more things I can do with 5K. Good LORD. That's insane.
There ARE a lot of dental schools around here though. I am thinking maybe I will look into that.

8. It is feeling even more chilly here in San Francisco. I wore my wool jacket to the dentist today and didn't overheat.

9. I have discovered a pretty decent used bookstore a few miles from the house. This makes me happy. I adore used bookstores. It's one of the things I miss the most about Seattle. I got a book the other day. "The Arguments and Logic of Capitalism." I think I may conspicuously carry it around the buses here to see who I can tick off with it.

10. Lisa is snoring slightly right now. It's very cute. I had to keep reminding her tonight that we needed to head home because "tonight is a school night!"

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