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"US vs Spain" or "Potential heartbreak?

I have never had a team I have followed go all the way. They always wind up breaking my heart.
High school state football game? Check.
Utah Jazz ... NBA finals? Two years in a row? Check.
University of Utah? Check. basketball...we made it to regionals only to blow it at the end...and that was the last year they played at a level that high. The next year we took stake but honestly...all the other wards in the stake were pathetic. We beat one team 99 to 0. Now wasn't because of anything *I* did...I was always aware I was anything but great asset to our basketball team. I had fun though. I'm watching the gold medal game and I quip to Lisa, "I bet they'll lose. It's the only game I've watched and now I really care about the results!"

Time will tell...right now Spain is up!


US is up but it's still too close a game for me to be comfortable.

CRAP. 4th quarter and Spain is within 3!!! I'm telling you, I'm cursed!!!

We discovered that when I was watching closely the US falters. When I am banished to the other room they do well. I told Lisa I feel not unlike Moses...when his arms sag the children of Israel falter. When I am not paying attention, the team plays well.


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