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I'm officially in love with a dog.

I've been following his story for a while now...and the more I learn about him and the more I see how his recovery is going the more smitten I get. He was abandoned outside a vet's office with a broken back leg. He's since had surgery (he now has a nifty piece of metal in his back leg helping hold the bones together) and is now apparently healing nicely.

Read his profile!

He's currently being fostered by a woman who has had extensive experience in fostering dogs. One of the smartest things she does is provide updates on the dogs she's fostering so you can read about them and see the YouTubes that she postsand really get a feel for the dog. Sigh. Makes me love him even more.

Read Bandit's blog!

She's also taken on a paralyzed puppy named Popeye...and while he's cute ... I'd rather have a dog that I'd have to take out running and not have to change his diapers.

I used to take Hershey (the family dog we had growing up) out for a walk every night when I was in high school and I really looked forward to it as did she. This guy looks like he'd be a good walker, right? It'd be a win win! He gets a home. I get a guy who makes me go for walks and runs.

Sigh. I must be crazy. But he's SO adorable.



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Aug. 24th, 2008 03:49 pm (UTC)
He is beautiful! Smart and sweet-natured, too, from the blog -- seems like a good choice :-)
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