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"The Twilight Bark" or "Some of the best vacations are when you don't really have to go and do anything!"

It's a stunningly beautiful evening here in Redlands. The temperature all day has been near perfect...well, perfect for me. I've been tired of wearing sweaters up in San Fran so wearing shorts makes me feel like I'm part of the human race again. It's supposed to be HOT this time of year! (in this hemisphere. yeah, yeah yeah.)
Everybody was still so tuckered out from yesterday we opted to have a quiet day here.
Thankfully someone in the neighborhood has an unsecured wireless connection. You can sometimes get a signal after contorting a bit in Lisa's bedroom but I discovered this morning it works free and clear in the front yard. I sat underneath the giant silver maple they have up front and enjoyed both the shade and my laptop. It looks like (ojala) I have some fun gigs coming up. Hopefully they all pan out.

Later there were some grocery errands to be run, Lisa's mom had to stop by her work and we went to Togo's for a late late lunch. (Santa Fe chicken wrap.) I had a nap on the front lawn on the denim quilt my mom bought at Farmington Festival Days a few years ago and later Lisa and I went for a walk in her old neighborhood.

It actually feels like a neighborhood to me...something rather rare to me in California. The houses feel like a family could actually live in them. There are front and back yards and established trees. There are people who have known each other for a few generations. The streets are quiet, I can see the stars and I can hear crickets at night and right now I can look to my right and see the last remnants of a sunset on a purpling sky. There's a sprinkler going which amuses me realizing just how much that sound reminds me of home.

Beowulf has settled in nicely here. I feel safe enough here to let him outside. He has been spending most of his time on their front porch or tucked away by the flower beds. He looks happy and sedate and he's been happy with us being home today cuddling up with us on the quilt.
He was VERY glad to see us last night when we got home. Lisa's dad sat down in his easy chair and before he even got properly settled Wulfie was in his lap demanding attention and love.

It's interesting living with another family for any period of time. You quickly become aware of dynamics and inevitably compare and contrast based on your own experiences. Today Lisa's dad seemed annoyed that Lisa's mom hadn't made lunch yet. I told Lisa later if my dad had acted like that my mom would have laughed out loud at him. "You know where the kitchen and fridge are!" she would say.
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