Jett (jatg) wrote,

"On the Road Again" or "Away we gooooo"

Written on Tuesday:

We're less than 100 miles from Bakersfield where we have a pit stop planned. Lisa is meeting up with one of her former students...a third grader who has now presumptously grown up. She was a favorite student of Lisa' of those little firecrackers that probably frustrated a lot of teachers but delighted the few who really paid attention. Lisa has been texting her back and forth informing her of our progress and delays...which alternately amuses and terrifies me since she's also the driver.

It's been a fairly uneventful trip so far. We hit a monster of a clog early on which took over an hour away from us. We finally gave up and took a more round about back route before eventually snaking back on the I-5. Just had our first rest stop...a quickie where we used the bathroom, gave Beowulf some water (who is being a very, very good boy. I count as part of my many blessings a cat that road trips well.)

Yesterday was spent in preperation for the trip...or rather the post trip. i *haaaaate* coming home to messes and unfinished projects after a vacation and so we really deep cleaned the place. I tidied up the studio, tying down wires, changed sheets and blankets on the bed with drawers and futon, and properly deep cleaned the kitchen. Lisa cleaned the bathroom, fixing cracks, demunging out the bathrub, scrubbing the floor and generally making it sparkle.

I know I'm getting hopelessly domestic with this next little bit of news...remember the washer I mentioned in the basement? The one that worked but wasn't draining properly? Turns out it was a simple kink in the drain hose. We straightend that out, gave the washer a bit more slack to let it drain and now it works like a dream. I called my mom to tell her that never in my life was I more excited to do laundry. There's still no dryer but Theo's partner has a when we get back I'm going to be scouring Craigslist for a good deal on an old washer. Thank goodness for close friends with hauling vehicles!
I pushed 7 loads of laundry when all was said and done. We took the damp clothes to the laundromat, stuffed them in the dryer and then went and ran some quick errands.

Got some herbal pet relaxant I guess you'd call it. We went to Rainbow...a store so hippy it makes Wild Oats look like WalMart. I'm kind of in love with it a little bit. There are a LOT of bulk foods...we got some raw cacoa nuts, some cocoa powder, I got a fresh supply of my favorite kind of cinnamon stick (I love chewing on them. I've got this whole oral fixation thing going on and I figure better to put a stick of cinnamon between my teeth than perpetually grazing or going through a few pounds of sunflower seeds on a road trip. And I would too. My favorite is to mix regular sunflower seeds in with the ranch flavored ones. I can't stop eating them once they're there. My tongue will totally shrivel in my mouth and I'll still be popping them in. I wish I could learn moderation but with me it's really all or nothing.)

Late that evening I organized my iTunes getting ready for the road trip ahead and went to bed with the house spotless.

It's a good feeling going to sleep with no dishes in the sink or drain...every bit of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away, the floors swept, scrubbed, vacuumed and everything organized and dusted. I told my mom the house was looking so good that I almost didn't want to leave.

I am happy to be embarking on this trip though.
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