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It was a rather slow sluggish start to the day but once I got going I got a lot of things done.

I took a call from Theo this morning who raved about the concept drawing I did for him. He needed a few mild tweaks but they were pretty easy to do. It's nice working for someone who gushes over your stuff and you can gush over theirs. He also gave me a puppet head to try and paint and I'm pretty excited about that project as well.

I also fired up an ancient washer in our basement and was happy that it seemed to work okay. Unfortunately the spin cycle is sluggish and never really gets going fast enough to squeeze the water out so when the load ended things were still really sloshy. I'm torn as to what to do...it's an old Maytag and they don't build em like they used to...so I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get the repairman out here to take a look.

On the other hand technically it's not OUR washer...it's the landlord's and he probably doesn't care about it enough to fix it and I don't want to plunk down x$ to fix a washer that's not even ours! The sluggish spin cycle makes me think it's the motor and that strikes me as sounding spendy to fix or replace.

I've been looking on Craigslist and seeing the washers and dryers people put up and I'm more than a little tempted to buy a cheap pair and just hire a moving crew to bring it here into the basement. I'm tired of plunking down quarters at the laundromat. I'm sure we've spent in quarters what a decent used pair would cost! Plus...I hate going. We seem to be in the unfortunate habit of going through nearly every last stitch we own before we sigh wearily and look at each other longingly, hoping the other will say, "Don't worry about it...I'll do the laundry." Which we never do. It generally winds up being a joint affair and I think Lisa dreads it as much as I do.

With a working washer and dryer where I live I'm generally pretty good about staying on top of things. That was one of my favorite things about the last place I lived in Utah...my own washer and dryer! Sigh.

Later in the day Lisa and I walked to the bank where I deposited a few checks (yay for monies in the account!) and stopped by the market and got some avacadoes (small ones...4 for a $1.00) some granny smith apples ($2.50 for 4), a pinapple ($1.99) and 4 teeny limes...a quarter a piece.

I also went to the hardware store and got a bunch of extension cords and proceeded to wire the studio like I needed it. Growing up I got very spoiled since as the remodel in Farmington went through my dad put electrical outlets every 6 feet so you always had one where ever the Sam Hill you needed it. Not so in the studio. I snaked electrial cords and power bars stratigically along the walls trying to keep everything nice and snug (I need to tape things down tomorrow) committed acts of neatness and later Lisa came in and did a little drilling and general handyman labor.

I'm excited now because already it has made working on my animation so much easier. She fixed one of the nonworking lights on my linetester, got two little lights screwed on the underside of a shelf on my animation desk to help illuminate the board, screwed in a power bar onto the leg of the desk, hung up my whiteboard and later we got all situated the webcam on the linetester and taped down my peg bar.

When she finally helped me shoot my first linetest in faaar too long I couldn't help but feel giddy. There is something so viceral about paper animation...there's SUCH a magic to it. My sequence so far is really really ROUGH and there are some bits of business I'd like to add but the motion was all there which made me happy to see.

BJ sent me a line test this evening of a sequence he has been working on (he's been doing it on 1s and it's almost 20 seconds long! It's a LOT of paper!) and it was so fun to go through it frame by frame and ask questions about decisions he made and point out what feel like jitters to me. I need to work some more on my ball roll tomorrow so I can show him a line test.

I've also got to finish some illustrations for a Sunstone article. They sent me an email this morning asking if I could rush job 4 illustrations. Yes. Yes I can. And you will pay me for them.


Beowulf is sprawed on his back on the carpet at the foot of the bed near the heater. Yes. The heater. Is on. In JULY.



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Jul. 23rd, 2008 06:46 pm (UTC)
WoW! You've been busy and productive. Yay! That is always a good feeling. Congrats! on all the jobs too. :D Sounds like things are going very well.
Jul. 25th, 2008 06:52 pm (UTC)
they charged us a quarter for all three limes. :) BUT it was SUPPOSED to be 15 for a dollar, so they actually overcharged us a nickel.

Not that it REALLY matters.
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