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"Pleasant Day Doings" or "Tooth, Climb, Shop & Draw"

It's been a most pleasant day. I worked on some rough concept drawings for Theo who is decorating the lobby at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel for Christmas. He needs some concept drawings to show some of the higher up mucky mucks and asked me to do it. I took a photo online and did a quickie rough trace over the lobby and then added the staging Theo described to me and then threw some super rough color over the top. It was a lot of fun and hopefully will be what he needs. Two more to go!

Later in the afternoon Lisa and I went to the dentist so he could see how my hole was filling in after he took the little goretex piece off which had been acting like a little roof over the hole protecting the bone paste and giving it a chance to graft in. Everything looks like it is healing really well and he tells me to just keep the hole clean and before I know it it'll have filled in completely. that time it'll be time to go back in and start work on getting an implant put in. I guess this is done by going in and basically surgically embedding a post into the jawbone and the tooth screws in on top of that. I asked what the tooth was made out of and he said it's usually a gold amalgam with porcelain on top but it has been known to just have gold teeth. I must admit, I'm sort of tempted to have a solid gold tooth.

After the dentist we went to the climbing gym. I have been feeling really drained the last few weeks and the gym today completely wiped me out. I think I am anemic...need to be better about taking a multivitamin!

I managed to do two and a half sissy climbs... a 5.5, 5.6 and half of a 5.7. It was more than a little embarassing.

We will be going more often though...Lisa has decided she is going to start training for a competition in 2010 so I told her training started today. She climbed a 5.10a and a 5.10b and then did some bouldering.
I must admit it's sort of infuriating being around someone who doesn't do jack diddley for their physique and it's still phenomenal. It's a joy to watch her climb though...I love watching people do things they are really good at because they make it look effortless! Lisa climbs like a spider monkey. She floats from hold to hold.

We then did a Costco run...hadn't been there for a while and we were out of most of our staples so we loaded up and then went home. This evening I worked some more on a character design test, some more on my mood icon set and then...for the first time in a very long time sat down and started doing some paper flipping animation.
It's so good to just sit and draw and flip...I'd forgotten how zen it makes me feel. We'll see how it LOOKS tomorrow when I line test it but it was a very peaceful evening. I sat and worked...Lisa sat in my comfy chair and played on my laptop and we listened to The Alchemist.


In other news...I really, really, really hate San Francisco in July. It's COLD and foggy and feels like November! We are planning on going to So. Cal to visit Lisa's parents and then drive to Utah to see my family for a bit. I'm looking forward to that 100 degree weather! I'm TIRED of being cold!!!
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