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"Squeak Squeak Squeak"

That's the sound of rusty wheels starting to move and get lubricated again. I'm oh so rusty, not having made it to figure drawing for at least 6 months but it felt really good to go last night, surrounded by other artists and their wild variety of techniques and just draw.
Interesting model last night...an older gentleman named David who looked like a white haired Walter Matthau. He did some interesting poses but for me the biggest challenge was trying to figure out what was going on under the surface.

At Kamille's we always seem to have models that were the at the peak of fitness so it was easy to find the musculature (Oh Cassandra, I so miss you!) ... drawing someone older and while strong was a bit flabby in the gut was a lot more difficult.

I was talking with BJ and was telling me how he is modeling the skeleton...part by part. I am jealous remembering just how much I learned when I modeled John. I should try to find something like that going on in the city. You can't fake what you don't know...I really need to study up my anatomy big time!

I used my brush pen last night...I found myself too futzy so with the brush pen I was forced to commit to my lines. I think maybe next week I will finish up a special sketchbook and try an bonafide paint brush with some dilluted ink. I got some really good results with that the last time I used it.

Anyway, click the icon for the images. The one on top was 10 minutes... the bottoms were 5 minutes.

What do you think sirs?


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Jul. 11th, 2008 03:52 am (UTC)
It's amazing just how much anatomy I'm picking up (and part relationships) doing xrays. Belly button <-> same as the top crest of the hip. Jugular notch, same as T1 vertebrae. But then, you might not mean it that way.
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