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"Thoughts on the Day" or "Rattling Around"

Lisa left Friday morning for Costa Rica on her annual trip down there. She goes every year with a few of her students. People have asked me if I am going and I usually laugh and shake my head.
I tell them, "I would love to go to Costa Rica. I would love to go to Costa Rica with Lisa. I do not want to go to Costa Rica with Lisa and a bunch of students and have to PAY for it."

Don't get me wrong... I love kids and I feel like I know most of the kids she has gone with this year pretty well. Lisa fundraises all year with her pie baking and other things to help offset the cost of going but it's still a bit of a spendy trip. Also...who would watch Beowulf while we were gone. He would be lonely and sad. He's been rather close and cuddley all day. Yesterday and Saturday were SWELTERINGLY hot. Today was so cold and overcast I wore 3 layers and a jacket when I went on my walk to the bank.

But...with Lisa gone, I am lonely too. I feel like a marble rattling around in a can though on the positive side I've been really rather productive. I usually put my things away when she gets home from school, usually around 6 or 7 and the last few nights I've stopped because I look up and whoa, it's 10:30 or 11:00 and I should go to bed.

So far today I've finished two cartoons (in color no less) for a new client, cranked out a bunch of Sunstone cartoons, went for a walk, dropped some checks off at the bank, made dinner and roughed out a new layout. Pretty good.

My jaw and teeth still hurt but it's no longer debilitating. The best way to describe them is that achy feeling you get after you've been to the orthodontist and he's tightened your braces. I really hope that feeling ISN'T my teeth shifting around. That would be bad.
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