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Haven't done this for a while...namely updated my LJ while riding on public transport but when gas is $4.60 a gallon (and I still need to license my car) BART and Muni seem to be the way to go. Actually, there are a lot of things I like about it... especially when it's not during peak hours. I can see the sights...not worry about other drivers, finding places to park, fret about gas and not have to worry about getting smashed into by psycho SF drivers!

I am also noting that as we move I am picking up random internet signals...darn, I wish more people had unsecured networks. Boo.

It's been a fairly productive week. I am this close to finishing up a project I should have finished a long time ago...I have been doing storyboards as a birthday present to myself... I dropped off a portfolio for a teaching gig I'm trying to get and had a meeting with a guy about doing some political cartoons for some tshirts.

It's also been Lisa's last week of school...and thank goodness we didn't have rehearsals or performances this week since she has been coming home progressively later each night trying to finish up. She has this policy that I'm really starting to disagree with for a varietly of reasons.
Students are allowed to turn in all their work up to the very last minute...they are allowed to fix assignments and quizzes and tests and as a result she has gotten deluged with paperwork the very last few days of school.
Her philsophy is that kids are there to learn and if they are willing to do the work she's willing to take it no matter what. I mean, it sounds really good...except I think she's being enormously taken advantage of.
And it's not that I'm just cranky she has been coming home so late after going through all the paperwork. It seems really unfair to the students who get things done on time...what the lesson seems to be is deadlines don't really matter, there's no consequence to bombing something if you can just fix it and redo it later.

When I was at Sheridan the first semester of school, my animation teacher had a policy that if you bombed an assignment you could redo it...but the highest mark you could expect would be a C. She told me that since we were concentrating hard on animation basics she wanted to give us every opportunity to get them down...but she didn't want the extra time to do it to be a reward...hence the lower mark as the highest possibility.

Anyway...I'm not a school teacher...I'm not sure how I would handle things. I guess a lot depended on the age and the subject but if there's no consequence to not handing stuff in on time, you're just reinforcing some bad habits.

I'm sure right now my mother is falling over dead of a heart attack because I was not the most motivated of students and was never good about handing my stuff in on time so for me to harp on this now as an adult is probably a cause of great amusement but honestly...if you want to teach a kid that deadlines are important...you jolly well better make them important!



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Jun. 14th, 2008 04:13 am (UTC)
I understand where she's coming from. I'm in a slightly different boat (teaching math at a university), but my philosophy is that I'll take it up to the test, but I won't return it unless it's done on time. That way the people who do it on time get it back with comments and feedback. The people who don't miss that, but they still at least do it and get the practice (which is very important--you can't learn this stuff unless you try it) before the test.

This makes it slightly easier for me to grade, too, since I don't have to look as hard at the late stuff, since I don't return them and don't provide feedback.
Jun. 14th, 2008 12:19 pm (UTC)
How do you deal with a car in San Francisco?
Do ya'll live in town?
There was no way to have one when I was there (on a visit), it was so expensive and impossible to garage!
Jun. 14th, 2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
but if there's no consequence to not handing stuff in on time, you're just reinforcing some bad habits

This is true. I teach 8th grade. I deduct points based on how late assignments are, depending on how big the assignment was and how much it was worth. If it was less than 30 points, 2 per day. Less than 60, 3. 61 - 100, 4 or 5. Eventually, the assignment isn't worth doing because I'm not going to grade one and give it negative points. ;D I feel it's very fair.

However, the problem we run up against at our school is we get close to the end of the grading period and our principal sees how many students are going to fail and then demands that we allow them to make up their work. Last year and this year (since I've been tenured) I stuck to my guns and refused to do it, but many people are afraid not to do what their boss tells them. I did it for the reason you mentioned - to make students realize that deadlines DO matter. Part of our school's accountability index (related to funding) is retention rate and so that's why the principal does it. I also saw this at the school where I did my student teaching.
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