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"Cinderella Review" or "They like us...they really like us!"

This weekend was the "out of town premiere" of Cinderella and I must say it went fairly well. I had hoped more people might show up but each performance had progressively more people. I wasn't sure how much of an impact an audience would be on our energy...after all, we're working off a prerecorded time to milk lines and figure out what delivery would garner the bigger response...and let's face it...we're out of sight. We don't see the audience and they don't see us...but it really did make an impact.
One of the performances a bunch of professional puppeteers were guy apparently had worked with Jim Henson and when the show was over they came backstage and looked at things. It was really cool but also sort of nerve wracking. None of us in the show had done puppetteering before so it was gratifying when Theo told us after that the puppetteers had said how impressed they were with the show.
He told me privately that one of the guys had asked specifically about the stepmother (one of my scenes) and when Theo told him I had operated her during that sequence he said, "Oh...she was my favorite." Awesome!

We've also gotten our first review which y'all don't have to read but I want to copy and paste it for my own mad ego records:

Sorry we missed this for the newsletter calendar, but here is Larry
Schmidt's review and a link to the website for Zanzibar's "Cinderella," a
show that promises it "sets a new standard for puppet shows, re-envisioned
with a story line that promotes kindness, hope, friendship and that anything
is possible if you believe in your self. Wonderfully crafted rod puppets
beautifully costumed, exquisite scenery, a lush musical score and dazzling
special effects await you." (from Zanzibar website)

Larry Schmidt's Review:
Cinderella, now playing in Glenview, Oakland, isn't your garden variety
puppet show. Like many of us who grew up in the Bay Area, the creator,
Theodore Dawson, was first exposed to puppetry at Fairyland. This is one of
the most elaborate puppet presentations I've ever seen. There's even a
glossy souvenir program you can buy. A mind boggling expenditure of
funds and work has gone into this production and I think anyone with the
least inclination to enjoy puppets, family theater or fairy tales should not
miss it, especially as the seats are reasonable priced - when it moves on to
San Francisco the admission is more. Puppeteer friends and I went backstage
to view the figures close up, and the fine work on the costumes is museum
quality. They were very accommodating. Some figures have as much as ten
yards of decorative trim hand sewn on and took 80 hours of labor. I'm not
sure how much of this is lost sitting a few rows back, and for all the
beauty, the puppets moved a little stiffly. Even so, they are an exquisite
collection of dolls. According to my souvenir program, there are 20,000
Swarovski crystals used in the show. I don't know what they are, but there
is enough color, glamour and glitz in Cinderella to rival a Las Vegas
review. Some effects were even psychedelic. I enjoyed some of the lighting
effects that set specific emotional tone for different scenes and dramatic
moments. A few effects, though, were a little intrusive and I feared for the
puppets, with loud shots going off like in a carnival shooting ducks
gallery. On several occasions the faces of the puppets were in shadow.
Comic relief is provided by the mean step sisters' bickering, while the show
is otherwise partly serious. It is full of lessons for life, and little
homilies that children can reflect on. This isn't intimate puppet theater
but pushes puppets to be something larger than life while remaining
miniature in scale. The show is obviously not just another commercial
venture but a labor of love
The new rod puppet show "Cinderella" will be performed by Zanzibar
Fairytale Puppet Theater in Glenview at St. Paul's Lutheran Church,
1658 Excelsior. Times are Saturday, June 7th, 2, 4, and 6:00, Sunday,
June 8th, 2 and 4:00, and June 14th, 2, 4, 6 and 8:00. Admission is
$10.00. For a slideshow see the web site
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