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"Women's Retreat" or "Rambling entries"

I'm up north at a women's retreat. I wasn't really keen on going...there was a Robert McKee workshop I *really* wanted to attend. When all was said and done though I didn't really have the funds to go. I have consoled myself by ordering his book off Amazon. (Used...only ten bucks, yay!)
Now that I am here though I am rather enjoying myself. There are no sounds of the road bleedng in my ears...no fire engines screaming by or police cars whooping to get slow traffic.
There are a lot of birds chirping and the wind through the trees sounds mighty and strong. The air is clean and from where I sit...flopped on a ridiculously comfortable couch on an enormous front porch of the main building I can spot many lizards basking in the sun and on my left a large fuzzy and curious caterpillar is crawling up the armrest. Down the road a little bit is a swimming pool and a hottub. I may head down there a little later.

A few of us have gotten back from a low impact hike...(we walked to the road and back.) Others have continued on...they want to climb up the mountain. I want to sit and rest and type and perhaps take a nap soon.

This is after a large lunch and a morning full of talks and exercises about healing. There are many here who have had shattered childhoods and rough adulthoods. I think this retreat is much more for them than me. Nobody gets out of childhood unscarred but there are definite degrees of trauma and pain.
I had no idea a lot of the crap that had happened to my small group leader. Years of foster care before she was finally adopted...alcohol abuse ...she has overcome a lot. You would never know it...she is so bubbly and friendly. It makes me reflect and write rambling journal entries like this.

I generally find going to Lisa's church activities if anything makes me MORE Mormon and this is no exception. I enjoy the company of the women, I have enjoyed my small groups discussion but there is something lacking for me.


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May. 10th, 2008 10:56 pm (UTC)
The retreat part sounds lovely. Though I can't say I'd wax poetic about the caterpillar or the lizards...both of those things freak me out. I love that you included them in your description.

I found your last paragraph very interesting. It's funny how The Truth just can't be denied isn't it?
May. 11th, 2008 03:27 am (UTC)
what's the difference (primarily) that you observe? church-wise I mean?
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