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In review...

Today was my first day as a supervisor in concessions and frankly I'm still quite lost as to how run things. I've never worked concessions (and the few times they mentioned it to me I kicked and screamed enough they let me alone.) So, I'm finding it funny I'm supposed to supervise and yet I've got these kids showing me how to make popcorn. I'll figure it all out and I don't expect it to take very long.

The thing that will be TEDIOUS will be the counts. You have to count ALL the inventory at the start of every day and the end of every night. I need to get myself a little calculator because I just do NOT have the ability to say, "Okay, 14 boxes of KitKats with 250 in each box," and scribble down the correct number. On a good quick day the counts takes an hour and a half to two hours.
One of my strengths is that I am inherently lazy, so I've already made some notes on how to streamline the process. We'll see how it goes.

It was odd to be able to go on break or go and do this or do that without having to really report to was also odd that the kids were coming up to me wanting me to solve this problem or that...and I'm thinking, "Like *I* know! It's my first day back here!"
There are a few of them that I think are pushing me a little bit, to see what they can get away with. I'm going to have to be a hard nose about some things initially and then hopefully we'll have some fun. A ver.

I got off a little early and met up with my mom at Temple Square. It's been a while since I have strolled through and it was really good for me. I sat up by the Christus for a while and just soaked. I had some mission flashbacks taking investigators to the visitors center by the DC Temple.
My last month my comp and I went up there nearly every day. It was all we wanted to do so we got any and every person we could find who was even semi interested to go up. With the lights decking the place and all the exhibits and the movies, you just couldn't beat it...and boy was it effective in helping people feel the spirit.

I met up with my mom and we went across the street to Women's Conference which also was good for my soul. Nothing huge jumped out at me, (okay, there WERE but I'm not going to post them on my public LJ) but if felt good to just sit there and soak in the company of thousands of women.
We sat by two of the Margetts' girls and it was fun seeing how delighted they were seeing their mom playing the tabernacle organ. I would think it would be beyond old hat to them, but after all these years they are still hugely proud of her.

The choir was great and was made up by all the girls in the Temple Square mission. It was neat because they all had their name tags with the flags from their country of origin on. We think the camera guys spent more times panning and scanning them than they usually do with the choirs because all over the world all these girls friends and families were looking for them. It must have been a great experience for them.
My mom and I both pointed out the flags from Canada. :) We wondered if xenologue was watching too and saw them as well.

Mom came with me to my apartment after to see Beowulf who was in a very chipper mood and glad to see us both. He's doing really well and while I haven't really seen him jumping around all over the place but then, he never really did that before.

I called my friend Alison. It's just one of those traditions. Her birthday is deeply ingrained in my brain and I had to call her, especially since it's her 30th birthday. We laughed when she realized she did indeed buy a lampshade today even though she had sworn she would do no such thing.
She's very pregnant (due in a few days) so skydiving was definitely out.

She gave me an invite to Vegas and I think I'm going to take her up on it. Need to figure out my schedule.

All in all, it's been a pretty good day.

Now I get to work on some of my projects and listen to Showtunes Saturdays on the radio. Yay!

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