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Happy Birthday Mark!

Today is my fallenpegasus's birthday. My brother introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons and comic books and gave me "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" which totally accelerated my drawing aptitude. He has always encouraged me and I am constantly struck by his kindness and generous nature.

He's constantly pursuing self improvement...from piano lessons to time in the gym and staying on top of Project 365...trying to take a picture a day. Check out his flickr. He's a fairly talented photographer and getting better.

Is he perfect? No...there are times he's oblivious and I've had to kick him under the table every so often to remind him that some topics aren't appropriate in certain circumstances. When he visits I have to remind him to please make his bed and come and help me with the dishes but I'm not a perfect younger sister either. I was constantly in his stuff, reading his comics, pestering him for computer help and ratting him out to my parents.

Like all of my siblings he's a pretty good looking guy. I think he's too in love with the color black...when you're 6'4...that's a lot of one color looming your way but I'm pretty sure he gets a kick out of it. He's a tremendous geek. Several times after listening to him talk for a while I have to admit that I have no idea what he's talking about...but I do appreciate his enthusiasm.

He's ferociously smart and has no problem letting people know what he thinks and why he thinks what he thinks and it's usually backed up pretty well. He's loyal...cheering on all members of his family and is equally loyal to his friends. I consider myself lucky to count him as both.

Happy birthday big brother!


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