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"D&D" or "How I didn't go to hell as a kid"

My older brother introduced me to D&D. It was one of the very first things I did as a Utahn. The day after my family moved from North Carolina to meet up with my older brother who had gone out to Utah earlier with my dad, I sat in my grandma's sewing room as Mark explained the game (I didn't get much of it obviously, since I was 9) and made me my first character...a thief as I recall.
We had a regular game for a while in Farmington and a few of my friends actually played as well. A few months later the big scare "OMG IF YOUR KIDS PLAY D&D THEY'RE GOING TO START WORSHIPPING THE DEVIL AND READ JAY'S JOURNAL AND KILL THEMSELVES AND LOSE THEIR IMMORTAL SOULS!" happened and some of the regulars dropped off...and then the maternal family pressure started and Mark found his own friends to play with...but I loved it. I loved the problem solving and the comraderie with my sister who I think liked it too. She turned out to be the natural leader of the group (she was a magic user) and it was a lot of fun.

I got a little obsessed...but it always gave me somthing to draw, whether it be our adventures or ones I would make up. (I still have a little accordian book I drew in 4th grade "The Hunt for the Pegasus.")

I played again on a regular basis a few years ago when one of my coworkers organized a game and again, just had a really good time.

It seems to be a nearly perfect game. There is room for creativity, personality, problem solving, unexpected events and luck.

Thanks Gary Gygax for the memories.
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