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Beowulf update

I took Beowulf into the vet today for a checkup this morning as well as to determine what the lump on his tummy was. One feel and the vet instantly told me that it needed to come out. The hardness of it is what concerned him and the fact that I felt like it had been growing since I noticed it. It could be any number of things, from an odd fatty tumor to full blown cancer but they wanted to get it out so they could see what it was.

I gulped a little bit but we decided to just do it today and I was to pick him up around 3:00.

In the interim I stopped by the house in Farmington, chatted with my mom who had just dropped off my dad at the airport, stopped by the theater and picked up my (very runty) paycheck, talked with Nathan about our game plan, stopped by Corry studios to see what was going on for life drawing (if more people don't sign up for the October class she might have to either postpone or cancel the class. I'm torn because I know a few people who might be interested in taking the course as well, but I want a night that is Just Me. I don't want to share it with anybody. Am I horrible for not wanting to share?) I stopped by the credit union and took care of my loans for Friday and Hiro and then I headed back.

I stopped by the house in Farmington first. Mom was on her way to Heber with Betty but she gave me and Wulfie a very nice card with a very nice pre$ent inside. It could not have been more needed. I am very grateful.

I also remembered to pick up my gold bicentennial coin I got off ebay. It's beautiful. Even my dad (who is not impressed with things silver and gold) liked it.

I was also very grateful at the vet when they told me Wulfie came through the procedure with flying colors. It was a benign fatty tumor. Nothing to worry about, just an odd fluke. Whew!!! I wanted to see it but they had already disposed of it!!! :(

They all talked about what a sweetheart he was, we talked about Maine Coon's in general and I paid my bill and we were on our way.

He was still very dopey and halfway home I got a whiff from his carrier. The poor guy had lost bodily control and had soiled his carrier. I stopped by a gas station and took out the fuzzy lining, shaking most of the mess out. I am glad it is washable. I'm going to have to get a warm washcloth and give his fur a spongebath. (Not his stitches. They are supposed to stay dry.)

Anyway, we're home now and he has quit trying to walk around. He's flopped on the floor. Poor guy but I'm glad that's all it is. It could have been so much worse...and hey, I don't need to pay a groomer to shave his tummy for the winter!


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