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"A month of visitors" or "I should make a guestbook for our home!"

I seem to be writing les and less about less and less so I figure it's high time for a major update if for no reason than for my own personal records.

Hilights of the year so far:

BJ came out for a visit. It was great to see him and I wished he could have stayed a little longer. We had a good time though and walked a lot. We walked from the Palace of Fine Arts to the fort by the bridge and back to Lisa's school. It was really fascinating (the fort) and I got a lot of really neat pictures. Back at Lisa' school we helped correct papers and did pushups inbetween workbooks.

Sylvie had BJ for part of the time and so we handed him off at a restaurant where Ryan and Abbie came. It was fun to have a little Sheridan hangout.
I went to get him a few days later and had a pleasant evening with Sylvie before BJ and I headed back here.
Flights between Chicago and SFO aren't TOO expensive so I'm hoping we'll be able to have him out here more often.

The next week Annette came for a visit. I drove down to Monterey to pick her up and then drove back here. I wish it were just a WEE bit closer. As is it's a two hour drive down that pretty much killed quite a bit of the day.
The next day was another day of Much Walking. We drove to the bridge and walked across and back...and saw the fort...and then went and saw the redwoods up in Marin. It was pretty dark as we headed back to San Fran so we stopped at a higher up scenic route and looked down at the bridge. It was beautiful...with the lights of the bridge and the city itself twinkling against the darkness.
There are a lot of things I don't like about San Francisco...but the bridge isn't one of them. It's really beautiful and I loved finding out it came in ON TIME and UNDER BUDGET.
It cost roughly 27 million dollars to build and it's now 76 years old. I wonder how much $ it has pulled in over the years with tolls. Heck, I bet it makes over 27 million every few months. I'd like to see exactly where that money goes.

Church was fun with Annette there and I think she least an interesting time at Lisa's congregation that night.
Lisa's roommate also moved out that weekend and I loved going into a totally empty room and just BEING there. No stuff. No furniture. No clutter...just an empty bare room.
Annette helped me clean it pretty well and later that week Lisa and I got it all set up with my bed with drawers and a new mattress and my animation desk. Yay for my own space. Lisa also got my rope lighting up and it works really well in that room. It makes it oh so cozy and inviting. I hate overhead light.

A week and a half later...BRYCE came to well as Mark who was somewhat impromptu but always welcome. long as he makes his bed and offers to help with the dishes etc.
It was fun to have them there. We went to see Sylvie at Pixar and she gave all of us the nickel tour. I had had it before but I didn't get to see the screening room theaters or the animation section so that was really awesome and inspiring. It's gotten so crowded there now that they have started bringing in little tuff sheds for the animators to have their own "offices." They have to take the roofs off so they'll be okay with the fire code (so if there's a fire the sprinklers would be effective...but other than that they're allowed to decorate how e're they want. It was really awesome.
Later that day Bryce and I went to see the cartoon museum...which was...rather a let down. I thought it would be bigger. It had a great section on Mary Blair...whose work I love...but when we left...I stopped short and Bryce said, "Uh, where's your CAR?"
We had missed a very important sign saying what time vehicles had to be off that particular street...and my car had been towed. Not just a ticket..but TOWED. So I had to pay this `please rape me some more fee' to get my car back PLUS a ticket on top of it. Talk about extortion!!! So that was angrifying.

When Bryce and Mark left the house felt lonely...but I also felt a bit relieved. January was a month of visitors and again while it was really great to have them it was somewhat overwhelming to have houseguest after houseguest. I've enjoyed the last few weeks where it's really just been us. Whew.

Next time Bryce or BJ come out it will have to be long enough we can collaborate on something!
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