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"Primary Colors" or "Thoughts and Doings"

It's been a good day for me personally as well as the national punditry who like to opine over the primaries.

My quick thoughts on the latter:

I really can't imagine Hillary's "waaah" moment the other day was spontaneous...nothing about the Clintons is. I am surprised that she won in N.H. beating out Obama. I'm glad she did though...I don't want either of them to simply landslide into the nomination. They'll have to start talking about issues (y'hear that Obama?) which is always a good thing.

Same thing on the right hand side of the aisle. Not surprised in the least about McCain winning. He won there in 2000 as well. It will be interesting seeing how things progress as the primaries move along though. I really am hoping Huckabee will implode. I was neutral about him before until he did his oh so innocent "I don't know much about Mormons...don't they believe x?" Dude, the guy was a Southern Baptist preacher and came to Utah preaching about how deluded Mormons are. Don't give me that "aw shucks, gee whiz, I'd never say how Mormons are a crazy cult and don't they believe Satan and Jesus are brothers and they're not REAL Christians...I'd never say THAT!" crap you Huckster.

I told BJ that if it came down to it, I'd vote for Obama before I'd vote for Huck. If it came down to Hillary vs Huck I'd have a really, REALLY hard time voting for either of them.

Fred Thompson has disappointed to no end leaving me to root for Mitt...who if you look at it, seems pretty darn near perfect. He's got the squeakest of sqeaky clean pasts, he's handled the private, public and international scenes remarkably well. He's known for going into messes and cleaning them up. He's articulate...he's not a Bush or a Clinton and dang...lookit his hair. (I kid about the hair, but he does LOOK good.)

It's really been fun watching it all though. We haven't had an election like this for quite a while...there is no incumbent running and the field of candidates is pretty diverse. Senators (expererienced, moderate and novice) , mayors, governors, former governors, actors... it's pretty fun.


For me today has been productive. Made it to the gym (ow ow ow), Mercat Manor (a geek house full of friends of fallenpegasus, thusly named well BEFORE the show) got some things on my computer fixed, home where I worked on my website and this evening...made it to life drawing!

Tomorrow...the return of Naked Tuesday!
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