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Copy the first sentence from the first post of each month in your LJ for your own year in review.

January: If I accomplish even half of the things I want to...it will be a year well spent.

February: So...the date of the last book has been announced. I bet Harry will have to walk a really long way (going more and more mad) with the help of his good friends...drop the last Horcrux (in the shape of a ring) into a volcano...and walk home.

March: The other animator (Nathan) and I went to one of the local high schools twice this week for their career fair.

April: My best friend BJ just finished his short film.

May: At Lawrence's missionary farewell my sister leaned over to me as we sat blubbering on the stand and quipped how our tough stalwart Atwood reputation just went out the window.

June: I've been in the process of getting my portfolio in shape.

July: Happy Canada Day to all my Canookie friends in the Great White North!

August: One of the workshops I went to at Comic Con was on how to write a graphic novel.

September: Yesterday at work they had a company wide meeting and let most of us go home early.

October: Frodo isn't roaming around naked anymore!

November: I am sitting here in my comfy chair surrounded by boxes and dismantled furniture in what used to be my living room.

December: I've had a rather productive day so far.

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