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Tick, tick, tick...

Stupid joke of the day:
Q: What's green and goes through walls?
A: A frog...if you throw it hard enough.

(boo hiss!)

Taking a break from putting a bunch of lieca reels together. I've been doing storyboards all day and I think I've got 4 rather funny clips put together. The Cat came over tonight and did a bunch of the vocal work for me since LMA couldn't drive down from Logan. His rendition of Larry H. Miller was hilarious and I think I may go with him for the final if they decide to pick up the "Spot On!" series.

All in all, it's been a lot of fun to work on and it'll be even more fun if tomorrow they say, "That's great! To whom should we make out a big ol' fat check?" That probably won't happen...not after just one meeting, but it doesn't hurt to think positive. I think it's got a lot of potential and I'm not charging (what would be for them) an arm and a leg.

Drank 7 liters of water today. Yes, I still have chapped lips.

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