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5 Things Tonight"" or "Wassail, wassail, wassail."

1. Made wassail tonight. The house smells festive. We still need to deck our halls.
2. Sliced my finger open today trying to get the rest of a soup can open. Yeah. One of my squicky deep in my stomach fears. Right there in the kitchen. Happened so fast it didn't hurt at ALL but it took more than a little while to get it to stop bleeding.
I'm throwing Lisa's can opener away and going through my boxes and finding mine. Enough of this.
3. Had a productive day and picked up a few more gigs as well. Things from people wanting life drawings of them to a music video gig. We'll see how they pan out. Woo hoo. Gigs are good. Please to be begetting more gigs. Mama's got bills to pay and a yowly cat to feed.
4. The #4 is screaming at the tv set about how moronic all the Heroes characters are behaving. Yes, you too Hiro.
5. I miss karate. I need to get back into it. I haven't been taking care of myself physically at ALL since I've moved out here and I've been eating "like a field hand." Need to repent of some bad behaviors.

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