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"End o' November" or "Beginning the `Tis the Seasoning!'"

How am I doing?

Pretty good actually. Thanksgiving was deemed successful with a most pleasant afternoon at Lawrence and Annette's. My mom got along with Lisa's parents. (Wasn't too worried about that actually. They are pretty much "salt of the earth" people.)

Mark was a pretty good house guest too. He tidied what I asked him to and was pretty good about making his bed. He was grateful when he was fed. He was up for walks and perusing the neighborhood when I was and left the house quietly off to his friends at Mercat Manor when I was sleeping in recovering from my annual Post Thanksgiving Sick.
It was actually really fun to have him here and Thursday after he left the house felt pretty lonely. Glad I have Beowulf here to keep me company.

Saturday we went to the aquarium and while it was really amazing to see what we did Lawrence channeled my dad, kicked the tour into high gear (What, I've seen this & I'm hungry!) and in less time in the aquarium than it took to GET there we were herded out and heading off to Chipoltes.

I would be much more annoyed about that except ... and I can't believe I'm typing this... the shopping after we did was SO MUCH FUN.

I was in dire need of some church clothes. If *I'M* aware my clothes are ratty, threadbare and getting woefully out of fashion then you know they're pretty bad. I picked up a nice skirt and a nice white fitted blouse as well as an oatmeal sweater. My mom (thank you mom!) also gifted me with a beautiful suede jacket which I'll cheerfully admit I look pretty darn good in.
I also needed shoes to wear and decided on a really nice pair of long black boots which were on sale at 40% off. Woo. I love em.

I've had nightmares on being nominated on What Not to Wear but in my viewings I've learned it's better to spend a little extra $ on a few pieces you can swap around and are high quality rather than have lots and lots of crap. All the items I purchased I think will have long and versatile shelf life.

We also poked our head in a local jewelry store and they too were having a sale. Once Annette pointed out how beautiful a strand of pearls looked against my new oatmeal sweater and...heck, against pretty much everything I held them up to I wound up buying them and a matching bracelet as well. I know, I know...what happened to Jett and quick, everybody look for pods under the stairs!

I'm not sure who was more flabbergasted and bemused...Lisa or my mom!

Suit Up!

Speaking of Lisa...while we were at the mall I saw a few items in the petite section and herded her in that direction. She saw this really killer suit and tried it on ... and with the exception of the pant length, it looked like it was made for her. She had developed quite a collection of Macy's gift cards from her students the last few Christmas' ... and used a few of them to purchase the suit. Thanks kids!

Church: Hers & Hers
I finally made it to my ward in San Francisco on Sunday. It's a small eclectic little ward but it has a good vibe to it. Lisa and I arrived a wee bit late to gospel doctrine but I really liked the teacher. She said in the lesson that she refuses to accept "pat Mormon answers" and really wanted to delve into topics.
It was really refreshing and I found myself really paying attention to the lesson and wanting to make sure and read up for the next weeks lesson.
Relief Society was also fun. I have been so long in a singles ward I've forgotten how much a family ward can be. I loved seeing all the mothers jiggling their babies and the older women without children at home and soaking up all these wonderful presences.
I met some of whom went to Davis High and graduated in 93. (Small world. Smaller church.) There was also a newly married couple that glommed onto Lisa and I. They have been in the Bay Area for not too long and I think are feeling a bit lonely and looking for friends. I look at Mo (the girl) and am trying to figure out if she is 20 or 21. Man, they look young!

Later that evening I went to Lisa's congregation (that seems to be our unspoken deal. She will go to church with me if I go to church with her.) No worries. I like her congregation for the most part. It's interesting seeing how different denominations do different things. There are some things I find eyebrow raising but I'm a guest and hey...their choir is the best darn choir I've ever heard in a church before. (The Mormon Tabernacle Choir as the exception but they don't sing in a regular congregation, y'know?) They are seriously hair raising.
They sang a version of "Count Your Many Blessings" that was just...electric. I'm going to be bored now the rest of my life singing it the way it's arranged in the LDS hymnbook. WOW.

This last Sunday they sang "In This Very Room" which made me snigger a bit remembering how often we seemed to sing it as a Young Woman. They changed the lyric from "For Jesus, Lord Jesus is in this very room" to "Spirit, the Spirit is in..." which just sounded weird to me but again, not my club.

I've been doing some freelance stuff, some more free than others. I do have some dribbles and drabs coming in and I've been applying for some different jobs. I applied for a part time storyboard position that would just be ideal. Give me some regular income and some time to work on some freelance and personal projects. We'll see.

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