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"Thanksgiving so far" or "Descended Upon..."

Yesterday was a day of much running about. We spent most of the morning cleaning the place and getting ready for Lisa's parents to arrive. After they showed up then L and I had to go pick up L's roommate, take her to the airport and since Mark had been delayed we went back home for a bit.
Later we had to go back to the airport to get Mark, discovered he had been delayed, drove around the loop more than once, finally picked him up, went home, went to the laundromat, started some laundry, went to Trader Joes (yay for pomegranite juice and ginger beer!) went back to the laundromat (got screamed at by a woman for driving too fast into the parking lot (never mind if we hadn't zipped in we'd have been broadsided by oncoming traffic) put our stuff in the dryer, went home, went back to the laundromat, drove back home, had Lisa's parents follow us and we went to see Enchanted.

About Enchanted. Some plotholes galore but so, so fun. Also, de-freaking-lightful to see GOOD 2D onscreen. It looked like everbody just had a really, really good time making the movie. I realized watched the credits too that a brief little cameo (if you see it, it's Patrick Dempsey's receptionist...) by Jodie Benson. Otherwise known as ... the voice of The Little Mermaid. I bet there were a few other cameos in there but things were flying so hard and fast she was the only one I really caught.

Anyway...just delightful. I enjoyed it. Lisa's parents enjoyed it...even my overly cynical brother enjoyed it.

(again, not a perfect film. But really fun.)

___'s now Thanksgiving. Picked up a huge newspaper, Lisa needs to make her famous apple pie and then we're off to Lawrences. Woo hoo!

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