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"Bit o' recap" or "Monday Monday"

I am doing pretty well. Things are for the most part unpacked, and I'm now sitting at my awesome drafting table listening to my favorite radio shows and working on some freelance stuff.

I DO need to get some more freelance stuff coming in but in the interim I'm also going through and trying to learn several other animation packages and creating some content for my demo reel.

My only complaint is my stool is pretty hard on my bum but a pillow rectifies that.

It has been a good week. Lisa has a weekly group she attends where they have a potluck, pick a movie to watch and discuss it afterwards. I've been the last two weeks. For the most part it is a really pleasant evening. The first week we watched Requim for a Heavyweight written by Rod Serling before he was Mr. Twilight Zone and starred Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason and Mickey Rooney...and wow, what a terrific film.

I don't think Hollywood would ever make a film like that now. It's about a boxer finishing up is last fight and the completely disfunctional relationship between him, his corrupted manager (who as it turns out bet against him in his last fight) and his self sacrificing cut man.
It was really touching and profound and entertaining and well shot. There was a lot of good converation after about where we saw hope and redemption and corruption and why "Ma" was such a scary figure and could "Mountain" ever really be anything but a washed up boxer.

I don't think Hollywood could possibly make a movie about a boxer without several completely over the top boxing scenes.


Friday we had about 30 people show up for Lisa's annual Thanksgiving potluck. It turned out to be a really pleasant evening, even more so than I thought it would be. It reminded me a lot of the shindigs Jerry and I used to throw back before my mission when I was a "co-family head" at church. Every Sunday we would have some sort of gathering, either at my house or his and we would play games, watch movies, have potlucks and generally just enjoy everybody else's company. Several people got married out of those shindigs which I guess, for a single adult ward was the plan.

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