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"Happy Trails to You... or "Way Hey and Away We Go!"

Things always take longer than you think. Moves especially.

We spent all of yesterday loading up the Budget Truck and then much later in the evening my parents came to help. My dad wasn't feeling well but he was a trooper helping shuffle my earthly possessions from one truck to another. We backed up the Budget truck to the back of the UPack trailer and we extended the ramp from truck to truck. SCORE.

Lisa has also been a ginormous help. Her job was to get everything packed as compactly as possible...and though I was dubious initially we got everything to fit in an 8x8x10 space. Dang. The trick is to *think vertical.* She also lashed everything down and it looked like Spider-Man had had an accident but it's all snugged down pretty darn well. Woo hoo!

By the time we dropped off the Budget truck and had a bite to eat it was about midnight so we went to bed and woke up probably a little too later this morning but I would have rather had a good nights sleep and start this next day rather than get a wee bit of sleep and spent the day thoroughly stupified.

Anyway. My place is now cleaned out and empty. We're about to get into Friday, drive to Farmington, pick up Beowulf, hopefully see my parents (though we may dad hurt his finger with a staple gun? and my mom has to take him to Instacare. Sigh. At least he didn't fall off a roof this time I guess. My poor dad.)

My next post will hopefully be in (hopefully again!) sunny California. Off on my next great adventure!
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