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"Happy Halloween" or "Big Day/Fun Day"

I took my sister's kids trick or treating tonight and man, I couldn't stop beaming. It was so fun watching them go from door to door, Sam proudly telling everyone, "I'm a Ring I look scary?" and Olivia as Hermoine and Henry more excited that he had a lightsabre than actually trick or treating. Hazel went as Rainbow Brite and I think her favorite part was the little twist light that one of her marks gave her.

It was so cute and so fun to go with them. I remembered going in North Carolina and my dad escorted us around. By the time we moved to Utah they figured we were big enough we could go on our own. It was fun being on the other side and being the escort. I'm glad I got to come down, this will be my last time with them until Christmas.


In other news, today was my last day at work. Not too eventful, got the last of my stuff packed up, we had a Halloween party and then I hugged all the guys goodbye. I made a point of giving each one a hug.
I quipped, "Now, I've downplayed my raging feminity while here ... and now I'm going to play the girlie card!" It was pretty fun and they were all actually pretty sweet. I am going back on Friday to see The Bee Movie...(I worked on the game...may as well see what sort of drek the movie is (seriously, it looks so bad to it was written by sitcom writers. Sigh. I'm also not fan of the snarky attitude Seinfelt took while on Leno the other night. Seriously, any other movie and no matter how much the stars hate each other they'l never bash them on TV. Seinfeld snarked the animators, making fun of their acting skills (which are certainly better than HIS, and then bitched about how long the process takes. If you don't like the process and don't respect the animators, why on earth did you want to do an animated movie?)

Anyway, I wrote a few nice letters and left them with some select people I've worked with thanking them for the tremendous opportunity they gave me by hiring me and the many things I learned there and the really fun things I got to do while there. I will always be grateful to Paul who took me under his wing and showed me enough Maya to get me hired in the first place. Working at Smartbomb gave me my identity back and was the answer to many, many heartfelt prayers.


I'm spending the night here at my sisters...going to help her do mass quanties of orders and tomorow I'm getting the last of my place packed up. Woo hoo!


I remember exactly where I was 10 years ago. I was in Toronto on a balcony avoiding a party inside. Holy cow how time flies.
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