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"Moving prep" or "To do, to do, to do"

Dinner tonight was a buffalo burger and a large bowl of peas. Mmm...buffalo & peas.

Hey! Who wants to know what all I've got left between now and Thursday? No? Too bad, I need to detail this out for my own records

1. I need to wash every item of clothing and bedding I've got. Not only are most of my clothes dirty and lying on the floor, where I am going does not have a washer and dryer. Man I hate the laundromat so I may as well start life there with all clean clothes, right?

2. Pack up the stuff under my closet. (That shouldn't be TOO bad.)

3. Clean and scour out my kitchen. I figure a really clean kitchen with everything where it is supposed to be will make it easier to pack everything up. Once it's clean start packing it up leaving the bare essentials for myself for the next couple of days.

4. Ditto my bathroom. I'm thinking the kitchen and bathroom won't take TOO very long. When they are packed, I want to scour the snot out of them. I want to leave this place looking better than when I came.

5. Pack up the knick knacks. I don't feel like I have that many of them but I do have some figurines and delicates that need to be handled with some care.

Lisa was supposed to fly out Thursday afternoon and help me with the last bit unfortunately she forgot she has parent teacher conferences so will be coming out much, much later Thursday night. Sigh.
I am hoping by the time I pick her up everything will be packed, my place will be clean and all my furniture will be taken apart (that gets broken apart) and it will be a nice clean process to load up the truck, take it to the UPack center, reload it into the trailer and call it good. Thursday is going to be a very busy day methinks.
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