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The Cat:

Feel like lately the only thing I've been publically talking about has been my in true pathetic status I'll post about my cat.
He's got some strange lump on his belly. I can't believe I haven't noticed it before but I was petting him the other day as he lay sprawled on his back (he's SUCH a boy,) and paused when I felt a strange hard lump. It doesn't seem to hurt him when I poked and squeezed it but I am concerned enough we are going to go visit the vet next week. Hopefully it won't be anything too serious.

He has been really yowly around this time of night as I sit up late trying to work on my animated project. I was getting so exasperated I was this close to throwing and locking him in the bathroom. Turns out he just wants to sit in my lap. It's a bit awkward though.

Methinks I will take a nap so I can be up early to work more on this before I (sigh, yet again) have to go to work tomorrow.


It's been a strange week, most of it spent working on The Shoveler. Still, much personal progress has been made I think.

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