Jett (jatg) wrote,

"10 things" or "In no order of importance we present..."

1.  3D Thundercats movie in the works.  What do you want to bet it'll be mo capped...because you know...there's SO many feline humanoids running around we can glue a bunch of ping pong balls to.

2. Speaking of Thundercats...teamups nobody wants to see...Wily Kat and Wily Kit meeting the Wonder Twins. would give them somebody to date.  Maybe Gleek and Snarf can hang out.

3. Teen Jedi Squad.  I kill myself thinking how the jokes just write themselves.

4. I had a really good time with the class today.  The upside down drawing went fairly well though the class was overly chatty.  Far be it from me to contantly harp on kids to be quiet...except this exercise is *designed* to shift you from a loud talky left brain to a quiet observational right brain.  Every person that was talking was ripping the ones that were trying to do the exercise out of this self imposed artistic trance.  I started to get really, really annoyed.

Fortunately the second class went better.  There were only 3 of them today so we did some blind contour drawing, some regular contour drawing, some quick gestures...talked about what to hit, what to look for etc and then we went outside.  I let them play frisbee for 5 minutes with the instructions to pay attention how the other players THEY moved...what their bodies were doing...and then come back and draw.  It went pretty well and went even better when recess let out and the formerly quiet yard was full of screaming, swinging, playing little kids.

5. I need to finalize my story for Scrivener's this week and start drawing the darn thing!  Next Saturday (the 20th) is this year's 24 hour comic and I need to get myself ready for it by doing a LOT of drawing on other projects.

6. I keep reflecting on talks I heard at this years General Conference.  I need to pray more and LISTEN more. 

7. The #7 is working part time on another list.

8. I'm looking forward to class tonight to kick my butt.  I need those endorphins like I need food.

9. My littlest brother has been much on my mind today and I keep casting the occassional prayer upwards.  Also I sent home with Lisa his Munchkin games which he'll be picking up along with some furniture this weekend.  I hope all are enjoyed.

10. I love my big fuzzy boy.
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