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"Quiet Drawing Time" or "Shape Upside Down"

I'm sitting in class right now surveying my chicks. There are 7 in this was sick last week. We went over basic shapes again; only two had done their homework and they were perfunctory at best. Back to the literal drawing board. We just spent the last 15-20 minutes drawing items in the classroom and trying to find their basic shape. can not draw the wall, even if it is cube shape! It is disappointing to listen to some of them try and go the path of least resistance..."okay, I'll draw the file I have to draw the handles TOO?"

Drawing is like any other order to get better one must PRACTICE...and one has to push ones self. A pianist doesn't get good by playing the same piece over and over and over...without trying anything new for years on end.

Right now I am having them doing upside down of the early exercises from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Some had done it before but fortunately thought it was fun..."because it actually works." :)

I have to remember these kids are not going to Sheridan...their lives do not revolve around drawing a series of interesting cubes and cylinders, that they are more than likely NOT going to grow up and become artists...but I've got to get them excited about drawing...enough that they can see improvement from when I started and that they discover the importance of keeping ones self stimulated creatively.

Also I like the exercise because they are quiet, it's productive and I can type in my LJ.
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