Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Sam's book report" or "Frodo's looking cozy!"

Sam's book report
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Frodo isn't roaming around naked anymore! My oh so talented sister literally sewed the clothes onto him Saturday. His stance prohibited making little clothes and then dressing him. His shirt is's scraps of bamboo velour. His pants had a snakeskin pattern but Sooze says he wound up looking like a Vegas stripper so she turned those inside out. I think he looks great.

We used a small nail for Sting and he even has a Ring...a .07 cent washer. I think they are going to string it up on some embroidery thread and put it on after Suzanne finishes making Frodo's cloak.

I think all three of us have had Big Fun working on this book report.

I was telling Suzanne that one reason I'm willing to be so sucked into this is I know he's actually READ THE BOOK. Forget Harry Potter...any 10 year old kid who reads Lord of the Rings is frakkin' impressive in MY book.

Doesn't he look great?

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