Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Tooth thoughts" or "It would be bad to bite his fingers off, right?"

I am sitting in my comfy chair soaking my feet in hot water with a little epson salt. I'm a bit doped up but feeling sick to my stomach and half of my face is still slowly getting feeling back.

I did not enjoy having a root canal. I know, I know, you never enjoy it but I really detested the doctor just bantering back and forth with his assistant like I was a mindless piece of meat. Most of the time I wanted to just bite his hands off. I should have told him the #1 thing to make me comfortable while he does this thing to me... TALK TO *ME.* TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Just because he's done this a bazillion times does not mean that *I* have. It gets BORING sitting there with your jaw aching and open and feeling your tooth get poked and prodded about.

I'm feeling overly emotional about I guess. It's a sad thing to me to be told that my tooth is dying so they're just going to finish killing it, pack it with stuff and send me on my way to another guy to get a crown. Part of me just died today. I can't get it back, it won't regrow, it won't's dead. I sat there trying not to cry thinking about my poor dying tooth as they kept having to jab me in the mouth to numb me up (apparently I take a LOT to get me properly numbed) and wondered how on earth women have abortions.

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