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"Politician Preferences" or "The body politic"

Recently in San Diego the Republican mayor came forth and in a heartfelt and emotional press conference announced that he would not be vetoing the city council's referendum on gay marriage and explained his reasoning behind the lack of a promised veto.
In short, he said he could not look at his daughter (who has been in a long term relationship with another woman the last 4 years) as well as members of his staff and tell them that their relationships were any less meaningful than his relationship with his wife.

He has been hailed as a hero on the left and pilloried on the right.

Conversely in Oregon several months ago a politician has told his predominantly anti-war constituents and told them he would not be voting to cut funding to the troops because the surge WAS working, the situation on the ground WAS improving and the US IS winning.
This angered many of his constituents who told him he was elected to vote the way they wanted and to represent THEM no matter what his heart and conscience said and THEY wanted the troops brought home ASAP.

He has been hailed as a hero on the right and pilloried on the left.

This has made me start to wonder what people actually want from their elected leaders.  Do we elect them to vote the way we want them to vote or do we want leaders who try to do the right thing, even if sometimes we disagree with them?  I'm curious as to what you, my friends on the right and the left think about your leaders.

Poll #1060429 Politician Preferences

I prefer my politician to vote:

The way I elected him or her to vote.
Along party lines
With his or her heart and conscience even if I disagree with them.

If my political representative votes in a way I disagree with:

I contact his or her office screaming bloody murder
I vow to never vote for them again.
I try to find out their reasoning behind their vote.
I respect them for voting in a way that makes them unpopular.

Generally I think elected officials vote in a way that:

Ensures their re-election.
Appeases their party heads.
satisfies their hearts and consciences.
tries to get them airtime on political tv shows.
tries to distinguise them.

Your thoughts?
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