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"10 things" or "It's all about ME."

1.  I usually go on a mile long walk every day during my lunch.  It's alongside a busy road which makes me think it is time to find a quieter walk.  The problem is I'm in a fairly busy part of town.  Not sure where I would go that is much quieter.
Still, it's nice...I love September weather. 
2.  Lisa is coming for the weekend.  Seasons seem to be a bit of a novelty for her (being a California girl & all,) so I think we may go for a drive up the mountains and see the leaves.  Tomorrow night we've planned to hang out with my roommates upstairs and go to a haunted house.  Nice thing about seeing them in September...NO CROWDS.
3.  My back molar HURTS.  It's the one that recently had some work done which makes me think I need to call my dentist and get in and have him check it.  YEOW.
4.  My apartment needs some acts of neatness done upon it.  Same for my car.  And my desk at work.  Maybe it's the weather that is causing me to want to have another cleansing purge.  GET RID OF STUFF.
5.  My sister lives too far away.  I wish I were just a wee bit closer so I could go down and help her more and play with the nieces and nephews more often.  I had so much fun helping Sam make his Frodo figurine last Saturday.  He did really well and was Mr. Chatty about the whole affair.
6.  I got asked recently in an LJ comment (not my journal) how my experience growing up as an Aspie differered from a normal kids.  How should *I* know?  I only know my own experience.  Do I wish I had more understanding teachers?  Sure! 
Right now I am happy being a fulfilled, happy, functioning adult.
7.  The #7 is off at jury duty.
8.  ...there are people that oddly enough I find myself missing.
9.  I am loving my career though I am feeling this urge to really push myself...much more than I have as of late.  Time to accomplish some great things!
10. I need to find out where the other participants of Scrivener's Toves are at.


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Sep. 22nd, 2007 01:25 am (UTC)
Sep. 22nd, 2007 04:30 pm (UTC)
re #10
I'm so blocked up it'll take a wrecking ball to free my thoughts. :(
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