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"!0 Things" or "From Scriptures to Sculpy"

1. My visiting teachers are coming by the house tomorrow after church. It's been quite a while since they (she) have been at my actual place of residence. In my ward they know geography is fairly spread out so they're not totally hard core about it; they recommend at least once every three or four months checking in at their teachee's home.
I can understand this. A person can say they're just fine thank you very much when you have a brief get together in the chapel but seeing them in their home situation can give you much more information as to how they're really doing.

Now this sounds like a spy program...and maybe it is but a more or less benevolent one.

In my situation my visiting teacher is also my piano lesson and I'm sure there are times I have baffled and exasperated her but it's actually rather comforting to know I can count on her checking in on me at least once a month.

Of course this means I've got to do some blitz cleaning tonight or tomorrow morning so they don't have anything to really report on. ;)

2. Last week I spent with Lisa at one of her church's retreats. It was a fairly interesting experience and I'm glad I went. I like the people there. I did come out with a lot of things to think of which was going to those makes me MORE Mormon. Which, I guess isn't a shock. Despite some of the struggles and issues I've had (this is not an invitation for a lecture) I'm pretty much Mormon to the bone.

3. #3 is taking a nap.

4. I am soaking my feet in Epson salt and then scrubbing the callouses with a pumice stone. I feel decadent.

5. Beowulf is happy to have me home. I have left him home alone for a day and a half. ( I left him plenty of food and water and asked the girls upstairs to check in on him.) He's been very vocal and snuggley and begs for many pets and treats. I luvs me my boy.
We have been playing for a bit with a big long hemp cord and some fake leather tied at the end. It's been a while since he has played so hard. We should do it more. :)

6. The leaves are on the cusp of changing. I am thinking this next weekend will be a wonderful time to go for a leisurely drive and go see the leaves. I love this time of year. The crisp mornings, the warm afternoons, the whiff of smoke in the evenings.

7. The #7 is taking a nap with #3. They're an item.

8. As I said in a previous post I spent most of the day at my sister's house helping my nephew out building a figurine of Frodo. It was a lot of fun to spend so much quality time with the nephews. The project was to help S but Big H had fun sitting at the table with us playing with sculpey and painting on paper while S and I were painting the background for Frodo as well as putting a few light washes of acrylic on Frodo to give him some texture
I really tried to make sure I wasn't completely taking over on the project. S really did do an awful lot and I tried to impart some artistic concepts across to him.
Foreground, mid ground, back ground, mid tone, high light, shadows... hopefully some of this sticks.

It was a lot of fun and I'm excited to see how Suzanne gets Frodo costumed. :)

9. I have been procrastinating. I have been procrastinating the things I love to do. I need to figure out why I have been doing such a ludicrous thing. I used to feel psychotically productive and now I feel like I am dragging my feet with nearly every little thing.

10. I really, really need a haircut.
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