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"What's behind door #3?" or "Cleaning the Storage Room"

I awake very tired Monday morning, not for the lack of sleep but thinking of the tasks that awaited me. If I had had any inkling of just HOW hard I would ultimately be working on Labor Day I might have whimpered and stayed in bed a little longer. Monday wound up being very, very long.

I started the day by checking out a couch I had seen show up on Craigslist that looked more or less like what I had been looking for. I wanted something stylish, retro and black leather or vinyl...something that would match my totally awesome chair I had picked up at DI. The couch was awesome, I gave the people their money, we had a nice conversation and eventually my dad (Thanks dad!) showed up with his truck and my mom. We hauled the couch to my place, unceremoniously deposited it in my living room and then he went on his way back to F'ton.

Mom and Ioaded some items up...namely my television and we headed south to Suzannes.

My plan of the day was to do a little bit of final shifting in the furnace room, clean that section of the floor and walls and while that was drying tidy up her storage room. When that was done I planned on painting her furnace room.

The plan started more or less okay...Suzanne was pushing literal mountains of laundry so she and mom were upstairs doing that and then Suzanne put mom to work doing something she is uniquely qualified for..organizing some sewing drawers.

While the floor and walls were drying in the furnace room I forced the door open to the storage room, (no really) grabbed a black garbage sack and started picking up the empty boxes and bags...and very quickly realized I was going to be in there the rest of the day.

There was a point when I was just getting started when I felt something tickling my leg. I gave it a quick brush and continued working ... and the tickling persisted. I finally looked down and this giant wolf spider was crawling up my leg. He was not to be the last spider stumbled upon during the day...I must've vacuumed up literally hundreds.

"AAAUUUGHHH!!!" I yelled and then felt sheepish realizing just how loud I had had bellowed. They didn't come running from upstairs but I felt embarassed. They did come later when I gave a few mighty grunts as I tried to muscle an overloaded garbage sack up the stairs and out to the bins.

I will spare you, gentle reader, the rest of the oh so gory details but sufficeth me to say that we labored much in my sister's vineyard. There was much that was thrown out, much that was vacuumed, much that was scrubbed down and sanitized. It got to the point when I was scrubbing I had to take a break every 10 minutes or so, the bleach was stinging my eyes.

Mom came down eventually and she was a huge help down there. We finally finished up...all the shelves cleaned and sanitized, all the remainting food items cleaned and organized, the rest of her storage cleaned and put away neatly...the floor vacuumed, the window cleaned...the room looked 3x bigger and a lot brighter. Mom did some last minute cleaning back in the furnace room, I vacuumed the hall and the stairs really thoroughly and we were finally ready to call it a day.

I had thought the heavy laboring was the furnace room...but it was nothing compared to the work the storage room required. I think this last weekend we have effectively doubled the usable space in my sister's basement.

It was also just...really really pleasant hanging out with my mom and my sister. Bill had taken all the kids to his parents cabin so it was just the three of us. We got so much done and it was fun listening to my mom share some stories of growing up in Sanford. I was thinking I need to sit her down and record a few interviews. I wouldn't mind doing the same with her siblings as well...they have a very different perspective of my grandparents since my mom was born so much later in their lives.

Anyway, my mom fortunately took pity on me and decided she would just spend the night at Suzannes. This spared me from driving all the way from Farmington and then back to SLC. I was wiped out enough as it was.

It was a lot of work but it was fun... providing service always feels good, especially when it is something only you can give.

I mean, I know Suzanne is fully capable of organizing her own house, hello! but again, I had the time and inclination this weekend to do it.

Hopefully in a few weekends we can go down and paint! :D
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